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Global Asset Recovery
Rannas, Buckie,
AB56 4BA
United Kingdom
T. +44 (0)1542 835885
F. +44 (0)1542 835080

Part of Boyd International Limited
Registered office at Union Plaza (6th Floor), 1 Union Wynd
Aberdeen AB10 1DQ.
Company registration number
SC 202191.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deploying resources exclusively to the industrial food processing sector

Q1. Who uses Global Asset Recovery?

Global Asset Recovery's services are exclusively dedicated to the industrial food processing sector. Unlike other, non-industry specific, valuers, auctioneers and asset disposal companies, Global Asset Recovery operates in no other field.

Any firm or corporate entity involved in the process of restructuring a food processing business should talk to Global Asset Recovery. Valuations provided by experienced staff are the most accurate and meaningful available.

Global Asset Recovery's asset disposal service is the envy of many due to the unique focus on the food industry and the results that focus produces.

Existing clients include corporate recovery specialists, finance companies, lawyers, insurance companies, receivers, liquidators and, of course, senior management from the world’s leading food processors.

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Q2. What makes Global Asset Recovery the market leader in asset disposal for the food industry?

Quite simply, focus, experience and trust.

The company operates only in the industrial food processing sector. This unique focus sets Global Asset Recovery apart from its competitors who tend to be generalists in all industries but specialists in none.

The staff have valuable knowledge, gained over many years operating in an international arena. Its marketing department know what produces best results in different countries and tailor efforts with previous experience in mind. Global Asset Recovery’s sister company, Boyd Food Machinery, employs qualified engineers who are always on hand with in-depth technical expertise.

Many of the world’s leading food processors, financial institutions and professional firms trust Global Asset Recovery to deliver optimum returns.

Repeat business is vital to any business but especially to Global Asset Recovery, which is tightly focused on one industry sector.

The company's ethos is to consistently deliver outstanding results in order to continue growing internationally.

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Q3. Why do I need Global Asset Recovery?

Perhaps you don’t right now! However, change is inevitable, and it is how you react to change that will set you apart from the competition.

Most successful businesses react quickly and decisively to advance their market position. Engaging Global Asset Recovery at an early stage will ensure your capital employed in assets is used wisely. Alternatively, assets can be disposed of effectively, maximising returns to your business.

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Q4. Surely an ability to purchase assets outright sets Global Asset Recovery apart from the competition?

Yes, it does – in fact, it is one of the main points of difference! The other main difference is the company’s dedication to the food sector, resulting in improved focus and specialist knowledge, supported by the company’s finely tuned skills and capabilities within the food industry. Global Asset Recovery is able to purchase assets outright because it is confident in its ability to value assets accurately. The company’s extensive industry knowledge allows it to buy with confidence. In addition, its sister company, Boyd Food Machinery has dedicated workshops and engineers engaged in refurbishing assets for sale all over the world. This is a totally unique feature of Global Asset Recovery.

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Q5. I want to buy a specific machine. Can you help?

Yes. If you inform Global Asset Recovery of your requirements, the company will search its comprehensive, internal database to locate the machine for you. Quite often, the specific machine may actually be in stock, having been fully refurbished by Boyd Food Machinery. Should the equipment not be in stock, it can usually be located quickly through Global Asset Recovery’s network of international contacts.

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Q6. The assets I wish to sell are not in Europe – are you still interested?

Certainly. In fact, most of the group turnover is generated from countries outside the European Community.

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Q7. I don’t speak English – how can we communicate?

It is possible to contact Global Asset Recovery in your native language. The company will then draw on its language resources to reply in a suitable language. However, the process will be quicker if conducted in English. Global Asset Recovery’s staff are fluent in some of the major foreign languages and if required, specialist interpreters can be used.

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Q8. What if I only have a few assets to sell?

No problem. Simply let Global Asset Recovery know what you have and the company will respond with a proposal. Although a large proportion of Global Asset Recovery’s business involves the disposal of entire factories the company is pleased to purchase individual items or lines through its sister company, Boyd Food Machinery who have experienced engineers that can remove, refurbish and install equipment, irregardless of location.

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Q9. I have assets to sell – what next?

Contact Global Asset Recovery with a description of what you have to sell. The company will then discuss the options available and recommend a path to pursue, presenting you with various cost options and payment schedules, each tailored specifically to your case. Global Asset Recovery’s aim is to realise the maximum amount for your assets with the minimum time involvement from yourself.

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Q10. How will I be paid?

Global Asset Recovery aims to present the client with various options. If cash flow is of prime importance to your business, you can be paid up-front for the outright purchase of any assets. The company has funds available to purchase entire factories. If you wish, commission sales can be arranged. Of course, each case is different. Usually, Global Asset Recovery works on a commission basis with a minimum realisation value being guaranteed for the client. After the disposal is complete, payment is made to the client. Our payment terms and methods are flexible and designed to help you gain the most from your redundant assets.

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