Snak in a box auction

On the instructions of SNAK IN A BOX LTD, BIRKENHEAD, UK

Major public auction due to the cessation of activities of this high quality factory. All equipment is modern and in excellent condition.

Lots to include:

Packing Hall (2001) with multihead weighers, gantry, vertical form, fill and seal machines, carton fillers, carton erectors, carton gluers, flow wrappers, stretchwrappers, label applicators, inkjet coders, box tapers, metal detectors, checkweighers, conveyors, Saxon bag sealers, vacuum packers, tray sealers, gas flushers, CVP machines, dip tanks.

Preparation Area: frozen meat grinders, screw augers, tote bin hoists, Wolfking and Risco Brevetti mixers, mincers, bowl cutter, injectors, Treif and Holac dicers, tenderisers, jacketed vessels, retorts, Baader separators, low level pumps, emulsifiers, depositors, conveyors, Formax and Koppens equipment, Urschel dicers/slicers, Arcall and Acrivarn oil sprayers, bakery mixers, Busch pumps, lobe pumps, vacuum tumblers, cement mixer tumblers, etc.

  • SAIREM / PETRIE CONTINUOUS MICROWAVE (6 zones – steaming, microwave and conditioning) (cost £900,000)
  • SPOONER VICARS (SASIB) SNACK FOOD LINE INCLUDING MIXERS, SHEETERS, EXTRUDERS AND CONTINUOUS OVEN (60 metres long with 4 zones and Kevlar belt) (cost £1.3 million)

with Sabroe compressor package – immaculate (cost £350,000)

Miscellaneous Equipment: insectocutors, welly boot washers, sinks, tote bins, canteen equipment, product development equipment, 200mm frying line, scales, floor scrubbers, office equipment, fryers and griddles, spare parts, redundant motors and gearboxes, lockers, tables etc, etc.

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